So You Want To Learn How To Flip Houses?

I Nearly Doubled My Investment On My First Flip…

But I’m not the type to fill your head with “anyone can do it or “if you’ve made it this far, you can be rich too!” Investing in Real Estate does take work and it’s not exactly plug and play. But with proper planning, research and hard work, it can also be very rewarding!

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What Is Included

When you purchase a copy of My First Real Estate Investment you are getting more than just a book! You will receive breakdowns of resources, tools and assets that I use on a regular basis. Don’t worry, this book is a light read with no fluff, just information. 

The resources chapter should help you to begin gathering information, projecting possible scenarios and creating comparisons to determine where you stand based on the market and investment type you are planning to work within. I’ve Included is a list of resources that I use to find and analyze potential investments, books that I’ve enjoyed and learned from and how I use different resources to make informed decisions.

Downloadable Assets – These chapters are the most and least fun at the same time! You will learn about tools that I use to stay organized, plan ahead and manage my business. You will also receive a host of assets and a guide on how to use them. It’s always fun to receive additional tools, but there is a lot of information to digest. Take your time and read it all!

Projection & Actuals Sheet – This will help you plan and actualize your flip so that you can project your costs in advance, track your actual job costs in real time and see comparisons to determine areas you may have misjudged. Use this as a learning tool for the next one!

Folder Structure – As you begin prepping your flip, there will be a lot of information to organize. Use this to organize your project. Don’t forget to document everything along the way. Take plenty of photos and save them so you can prove the value you’ve added since purchasing the property. This folder structure can take you through your flip, sale and into the next project!

Sample Documents – You will receive links to online sample docs as well as documents that I’ve created for my flipping company. All documents have been adjusted to be generic and include both editable files and PDF versions.

Let Me Know What You Are Looking For!

My goal is to provide as much information and help to anyone who wants to learn how to flip houses & hopeful real estate investors as possible. If you are looking for specific information, advice, a tool, resource, asset or something else. Let me know, maybe I can help!